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WORKPLACE FAIRNESS ADVOCATES: Employment Law, Labour Law & Human Rights Lawyers

Champ & Associates is a boutique litigation law firm focused on workplace fairness and social justice advocacy. The firm has a broad workplace law practice that encompasses all aspects of employment law and labour law, as well as related practice areas such as human rights, privacy, access to information, Charter rights, disability law, and public interest law.

Making Justice Accessible for All

Located in downtown Ottawa, Champ & Associates represents clients across Canada in a variety of industries in both public service and the private sector. The firm is particularly well-versed in working with clients in unique employment arrangements, from entry-level to executives, including federal employees, policing, cross-jurisdictional matters, professional athletes, and a wide range of government appointments. The firm is proud to represent people at every rung of the economic ladder, from executives to the most vulnerable employees, in securing workplace justice. Champ & Associates represents clients at mediations, arbitrations, tribunals, labour boards, civil trials, judicial reviews and appeals.

Preeminent Litigation Lawyers

The lawyers at Champ & Associates are relentless advocates in the pursuit of fairness in the workplace and beyond. They are committed to securing justice for mistreated employees who have been wrongfully terminated, discriminated against, or otherwise treated unfairly by their employers. They work tirelessly to restore their clients’ rights and dignity in every case.

Champ & Associates’ lawyers are seasoned advocates, regularly appearing before all levels of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada. The lawyers at Champ & Associates frequently represent employees in high-profile cases, often up against some of Canada’s largest and most powerful institutions, and have successfully established precedents in many areas, including Charter rights, discrimination, disability law, access to information, prisoner rights, privacy, cross border employment, and occupational health and safety.

Known for Strategy, Experience and Diligence

The firm’s principal lawyer, Paul Champ, is widely recognized as a leading authority on human rights and employment law issues. Paul is a renowned litigator and a passionate champion for the underdog who fearlessly challenges multi-national corporations and government agencies with great success. Revered for the impressive depth and breadth of his expertise, Paul’s insights and opinions are regularly sought after by journalists and colleagues alike. His opinion and commentary on newsworthy legal issues are frequently sought after by prominent media outlets. Paul is also often contacted by other lawyers for advice and guidance on complex matters. He is proud and honoured to regularly receive referrals from lawyers, many of whom he has previously faced in court. Paul excels at finding the best method to litigate a matter for each client, to make the process as affordable and effective as possible in each situation.

A Firm Experienced in Specialized Employment Circumstances Unique to The Ottawa Area

Ottawa is a unique town with a high concentration of federal agencies, government employers and Crown Corporations. Many employment matters in these settings are more complex and are governed by special legislation. Often, the challenges presented require a thorough understanding of all available pathways to resolution, which may include appearances before administrative tribunals or boards.

The lawyers at Champ & Associates all have extensive, in-depth knowledge of the various unique and exceedingly niche employment environments native to the Ottawa region. They are highly adept at navigating through all of the nuanced, industry-specific rules and regulations that apply.

Advocating for Individual Rights in The Workplace and Beyond

The lawyers at Champ & Associates are dedicated advocates for social justice, and have considerable experience in matters relating to privacy, Charter rights and other areas of public interest.

Experienced Representation for Employment Law and Human Rights Matters

The lawyers at Champ & Associates have dedicated their careers to protecting individual rights in a variety of settings. They work with clients at all levels of employment from entry-level to the executive suite who are facing discrimination, wrongful termination or other rights violations. They have a sterling reputation for the work they do to protect their clients in a number of high-profile cases and can be trusted to maintain the highest levels of discretion. To discuss your matter in confidence, please contact the firm by telephone at 613-237-4740 or reach out online.

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