Experienced Ottawa Lawyers for Judicial Review of Labour Arbitration Decisions

Once a labour arbitrator has issued a decision in a matter, the dispute is meant to be resolved. But what happens if an adverse outcome has a significant impact on the employee? Or the labour arbitrator appears to have overlooked key issues or establishes a very unhelpful precedent for the union? There is no formal appeal process from an arbitration decision, however, parties may challenge the reasonableness or correctness of the decision on judicial review in court. However, the bar for an applicant for judicial review is high. Courts traditionally give arbitrators a great deal of deference when it comes to labour decisions and generally will only overturn a decision in the face of an egregious error.

Champ & Associates is a labour firm in Ottawa with decades of experience representing clients in labour arbitration and subsequent judicial review hearings. With a deep knowledge of labour and administrative law principles, the firm’s lawyers are skilled at carefully deconstructing a negative arbitration decision and isolating those issues that might be successful on judicial review. The firm’s lawyers have represented Unions and employees in various judicial review hearings, often working with Unions to provide strategic advice and guidance to effectively challenge employers in labour matters.

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The lawyers at Champ & Associates have the labour experience and systemic knowledge to provide the necessary guidance towards a successful outcome in any judicial review hearing. They provide clients with an honest assessment of their matter and then develop a plan to secure the necessary remedies under the circumstances. To discuss your matter in confidence, please contact the firm by telephone at 613-237-4740 or reach out online.