Ottawa Employment Lawyers for Racial Discrimination in the Workplace

Racial discrimination at work is insidious and often subtle. Proving a claim of racial discrimination in all but the most overt situations can be a challenge, and so it is vital to seek guidance from a human rights employment firm with considerable experience.

The lawyers at Champ & Associates in Ottawa have been successfully advocating for employees who have experienced discrimination due to race for several years. The firm will review all the facts surrounding the basis for the complaint and provide an honest and practical assessment of the situation, including identifying the best path towards resolution for their client.

Demonstrating Racial Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace

Proving a claim of racist treatment at work is complex and involves different criteria based on the specific complaint. For example, establishing discrimination in hiring or a staffing action is often different than proving harassment based on race. Employers who are notified about potential racial discrimination or harassment are obligated to investigate and assess the claim and take appropriate remedial action when necessary. If the employer fails to carry out its duties in this regard, they may be held jointly liable if the employee or potential employee successfully proves their claim.

Supporting Employees in the Face of Racism at Work

Establishing and growing a career in the public or private sector is challenging enough without having to worry about mistreatment or additional roadblocks due to racism in the workplace. The lawyers at Champ & Associates are passionate advocates for all discrimination matters and will work to ensure their clients’ rights are protected, and they receive justice where it has previously been denied.

Contact Champ & Associates in Ottawa for Empathetic and Experienced Representation for Racial Discrimination Complaints

The lawyers at Champ & Associates have been representing clients in cases of racial discrimination for several years. They have considerable experience in developing strategies to successfully demonstrate the elements of racial discrimination in the workplace on behalf of their clients. They provide clients with an honest assessment of their matter and advise on the best path forward for a positive resolution. To discuss your matter in confidence, please contact the firm by telephone at 613-237-4740 or reach out online.