Employment Lawyers Representing Employees of Crown Corporations in Ottawa

The employment of Crown Corporation employees, such as those who work for Canada Post, the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, or the Bank of Canada, are governed under the Canada Labour Code (the CLC), as opposed to provincial employment legislation. This legislation is unique, entitling employees to legal actions and remedies not available under provincial laws. Employees facing termination may not be aware of the special entitlements under federal employment law and so it is important to retain a lawyer familiar with this area, and the options for enforcing employment rights under this regime.

The team at Champ & Associates has represented many federal employees working for Crown Corporations in and around Ottawa. They have an exceptional understanding of the various options for pursuing rights under the CLC and will advise clients on the best way forward to ensure success.

Unjust Dismissal & the Canada Labour Code

A Crown Corporation operates as a hybrid between a private enterprise and a government body. Crown Corporations often have an employee classification system, benefits and entitlements that match public service employment even though they do not technically fall within that category. Employees of Crown Corporations might not know they fall under the CLC and have special rights upon termination.

The CLC, which governs federal employment, allows for a unique action called unjust dismissal. This is in contrast to the provincial concept of wrongful dismissal, in which employees seek remedies in the form of payment for a reasonable notice period and potentially severance pay. Unjust dismissal, on the other hand, entitles a person who has been terminated to seek not only compensation but possibly reinstatement to their former role.

The process for bringing a claim for unjust dismissal requires a unique adjudication process, as opposed to traditional litigation. Champ & Associates is exceptionally experienced in pursuing unjust dismissal claims for their clients and can navigate the adjudication process with ease. They know when to pursue which remedies depending on the circumstances, and they guide their clients through the process efficiently, finding the most effective resolution in each case.

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Employees and employers subject to the Canada Labour Code sometimes don’t have a full understanding of the special entitlements it provides. Employees of Crown Corporations who need to bring a claim for unjust dismissal should be sure to retain a firm familiar with the legislation and the remedies employees are entitled to under the CLC.

The lawyers at Champ & Associates have a great deal of experience and systemic knowledge bringing successful claims for unjust dismissal on behalf of their clients. They will provide an honest assessment of each matter and strategize the best approach to secure the necessary remedies under the circumstances. To discuss your matter in confidence, please contact the firm by telephone at 613-237-4740 or reach out online.