Ottawa Privacy Rights Lawyers

Privacy is about personal dignity and autonomy, and the right to have control over one’s own personal information, private affairs and image. Disclosure of personal information without consent can be embarrassing or make a person vulnerable to financial crime, or it can jeopardize employment or social relationships. Rapidly expanding technology makes privacy violations easier and more serious than ever. Personal images and photos can be swiftly accessed and widely disseminated without consent, causing serious embarrassment and reputational harm. Employers can use new technology to spy on employees in ways never imagined before. Privacy can be threatened by corporations, the government, organized crime, or malicious ex-partners.

Champ & Associates have provided advice and legal representation to individuals in a wide range of privacy cases and will explain a client’s rights to them and develop a strategy that restores and protects their dignity.

The firm’s lawyers have represented clients in a variety of privacy matters, including:

Online Privacy

As a society, we are increasingly under surveillance in public spaces. Traffic cameras, residential porch cameras and commercial cameras mean that we may be captured on camera multiple times a day without our knowledge. However, there are laws preventing hidden cameras, or regulating the use of images captured in a public space. Champ & Associates works to enforce their clients’ rights when their image is captured against their will in a way that is contrary to the law, or when an individual or organizations attempts to capitalize on images captured without the client’s knowledge or consent.

Revenge Porn

Revenge porn is an unfortunate term commonly used to describe a situation where a person, most often a former partner, makes intimate images and videos public to cause humiliation and shame. It is a form of emotional abuse and an extreme violation of personal dignity. Champ & Associates works quickly on behalf of clients victimized by revenge porn to immediately secure and remove images from public view and seek damages on their behalf.

For Effective and Swift Management of Privacy Rights Violations, Contact Champ & Associates in Ottawa

When a person’s image is made public without their consent, it is an extreme personal violation. The victim may be feeling vulnerable with respect to their loved ones, their job and their overall security. Reputational damage can be devastating and requires quick action to remedy.

The lawyers at Champ & Associates have the experience and systemic knowledge to take on this challenge for their clients and win. They provide clients with an honest assessment of their matter and then develop a plan to secure the necessary remedies under the circumstances. To discuss your matter in confidence, please contact the firm by telephone at 613-237-4740 or reach out online.