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The Supreme Court of Canada is the country’s highest court and the final appeal for any case that is granted leave to be heard. Managing a case before the Supreme Court is an intimidating process requiring exceptionally detailed preparation, proximity to the Court itself, and a comprehensive understanding of the process unique to Canada’s highest Court.

Located in downtown Ottawa, and with many years of experience dealing with the Supreme Court of Canada, the lawyers at Champ & Associates act as agents for parties before the Court.  As an Ottawa agent, Champ & Associates can assist counsel in managing all interactions with the Supreme Court Registry, reviewing materials and providing assistance and advice with respect to compliance with the Supreme Court’s technical requirements, coordinating hard copy and electronic production of application, motion, and appeal records, and arranging for service and filing.

Champ & Associates also provides additional services such as substantive research and factum drafting, copy editing and revisions and can assist counsel in identifying potential arguments that may gain favour with the Court. For counsel travelling to Ottawa to argue their case, Champ & Associates can also provide last-minute assistance in compiling, producing and printing a compendium for oral arguments.

Assisting with Aspects Unique to Cases Before the Supreme Court

The Rules of the Supreme Court of Canada permit parties to conduct business with the Registrar through an agent located in Canada’s National Capital Region. When firms are located far from the Court, Champ & Associates will act as their Ottawa agent to ensure the filing requirements and limitation periods are met and managed appropriately.

In addition, Champ & Associates will provide guidance or even act as co-counsel to lawyers who may not be familiar with the unique aspects of arguing a case before the Supreme Court. In particular, Champ & Associates can assist with:

  • Meeting time limitations to draft, serve and file applications for leave to appeal within 60 days of the appellate court decision.
  • Managing the procedural and day-to-day steps involved in cases before the Supreme Court, which can involve numerous parties and many steps over the course of an appeal.
  • Ensuring compliance with the Court’s unique requirements as to the form and content of application, motion, and appeal records and facta, overseeing printing and binding of hard copy materials, and providing logistical and technical support in the production of electronic materials in accordance with the Rules and Guidelines of the Court.

Champ & Associates also frequently assist lawyers representing Interveners. It is common for groups and organizations to intervene in matters of significant public interest. Champ & Associates has extensive experience working with advocacy groups in seeking and obtaining intervener status, to assist them in presenting distinct and additional arguments based on their unique perspective and expertise which may not otherwise be given voice by other parties appearing before the Court.

For Trusted and Reputable Agency Services in Supreme Court Cases, Contact Champ & Associates in Ottawa

The litigators at Champ & Associates have appeared numerous times before Canada’s Supreme Court and are exceptionally familiar with the process of managing these complex matters. They will work with local and non-local firms to ensure each matter is handled properly, from meeting filing deadlines to reviewing all documentation prior to submitting it to the Court. To discuss how Champ & Associates can assist and enhance your Supreme Court matter, please contact the firm by telephone at 613-237-4740 or reach out online.